Monday, 8 September 2014

Reeth Show 2014

 When we arrived at the Reeth Show, we could see that this was a show totally in tune with the valley.  Close to the entrance the stone walling competition had just started, and stones were being examined.

Close to the centre a 'fabricated' stone wall was attracting some energetic youngsters, well those who were not preparing for the fell run.

We happened to be close and lined the start route.  The look of concentration and determination on these young boys and girls aged somewhere between 10 and 15 was amazing.

At times the sun was so hot that we were tempted into the shade of the exhibition tents.  There were chickens, rabbits, and hay etc.  The smell was warm and sweet, with plenty of wild herbs and flowers, this art must have been honed over the centuries and consist of the harvest stored in the beautiful barns of the valley.

Even though it was the smallest fleece, this Wensleydale Longwool pile won the first prize

Of course being interested in things woolly we had to go over and have a look at the sheep

There was baking, crafts, vegetables etc, but don't these walking sticks just look perfect

I'm afraid that once a very loud and noisy show with loud compere from north of the border started up, we felt we had had enough.  It felt completely out of the main character, and we felt it was time to withdraw to Reeth town, and passed the wall very nearly ready for judging on the way out....

As visitors and tourists to the area, it was a great way to pass the bank holiday and speak with the very friendly farmers.

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