Wednesday, 15 June 2016

A pile of pittas but only some with pockets

This baking challenge is the second bake from Jane Mason's Perfecting Sourdough.

I'm not sure whether it is me, the recipe, or my starter...but I was not too happy with these Pittas.  To be frank I have only make pitta with fresh yeast just the once, and this was several years ago.

The recipe says make eight pieces 2.5mm thick.  I think either the number or the thickness is wrong here as with just over 1Kg dough you would end up with pitta the size of tea trays!  Anyway I made smaller ones about 5mm thick, and seeing how they turned out I think they should have been a little thicker.

I preheated trays, and watched the pockets bake...some inflated a little and other remained stubbornly flat.  The oven was at maximum heat!  Then the last batch went in on a cold tray...and they puffed up.

  It was only fifteen minutes after the last lot had gone in so I do not think it was because they had had much longer to rise...they were the last to be formed.

The hummus I made was delicious...but the pittas...I don't even think that I shall try to get better at baking these.

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