Thursday, 23 June 2016

Khorasan Breakfast Buns

Its quite some time since my recipe for Khorasan Breakfast buns was first published on Shipton Mill's site.  Today I just felt like baking them again...but I had to cycle out to Mick Smith's to get half a dozen jars of honey.  The buns don't need that much, its just that I like to have a little stash in my cupboard, as we have a little each day, and we did not have any runny honey left.

I had another set back when making these...I ran out of fennel seeds so had to go out and get some more.  For the final trial, I was faced with having to throw out all the ingredients as I cracked an egg over the whole of the ingredients including the honey, and the egg was off!  

Usually I crack the eggs one at a time into a dish, then decant them or separate them as required by the recipe.  Recently I had been watching all the chefs and Mary Berry just crack the eggs straight in, and was beginning to think I was far behind the times.  I shall go back to my old ways again.  The free range eggs were bought from Sainsbury's and were well within date...but I guess one bad egg over many years isn't too bad.  The whole lot went into the recycling bin, and everything washed down thoroughly..with a little bleach before I started up again.

Here are the buns cooling on my new cooling rack...its larger than my very old ones, has a finer grid, and cost just £3 from Sainsbury's this week.

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