Thursday, 2 June 2016

Why no 'In a Vase on Monday'

I've been busy, and Mondays especially...then there has been the pollen.  Both Mr S and I have been affected by hay fever this year, and bringing more flowers into the house would just have tipped us into the very uncomfortable zone.  With local honey each day, year round, we are usually on top of things, but I have been having posies inside mid week including a lovely bunch of Lily of the Valley.

Instead a few shots showing the best plants in the garden.

And finally a little bug watch...a Maybug or Phyllopertha horticola, first time I've noticed this one in this garden.


  1. I actually rescued one of those creatures just the other day ,he was upside down in the middle of the lane .The farmers here are cutting the grass in the fields and there are lots of insects flying around , thankfully not as large as him ! I love that white flowering shrub in lovely photo no.4 beautiful ! : )

    1. I had that shrub in my last garden, and as I was about to leave nine years ago, I found a branch touching the ground had sprouted a few roots. It is called Viburnum plicatum mariesii. It does not grow very quickly but makes a nice addition to the garden.