Thursday, 14 August 2008

Knitting 10 metres from the motorway

The best way to calm the nerves as knitters know is to get the needles out.

Well if you are driving for the first time for a long time across the country and its just you and your sister, and find that after a hoot from a driver and then a funny noise, it is time to veer over to the hard shoulder, so many things flash through your mind:

Firstly award yourself a gold star for the fact that that morning you checked with your car insurance company that you had breakdown recovery and had put a note of the phone number in the glove box.

Second reason to feel ever so grateful is that there is sufficient charge on the mobile to make the call.....well I hardly ever put the phone on and just carry it around because it is red and cute, and matches my wallet and key purse.

Third the weather is warm and sunny, which is something to be thankful for as these past few days its not been summer weather.

Fourth is that the bag you packed in the car and have taken down with you has the essential items for passing the time: knitting wool and a part knitted sock.

I worked out that even if it took an hour, I still had more than enough knitting to keep me going.

The only down side is that my camera had insufficient charge to take a picture....I had used it all up the previous day taking pictures of the leggings. But if you want proof just ask Jenny who was with me.

It was less than 15 minutes before highway patrol pulled up and a couple of minutes later the RAC turned up. The knights of the highway were excellent and tyre changed, we was escorted back into the flow of the traffic.

Each time I wear those socks I'll be reminded of the time I knitted a few rows just a few metres behind the motorway crash barriers.

I also knitted at our Aunty Nora's. We had a lovely weekend with her. Jenny used to spend a few school holidays with Aunty Nora and Uncle Les, and it is about *5 years since her last visit, and I recently been up with Uncle Noel for a visit. Jenny and I normally keep in touch with Aunty Nora by phone so it was lovely to have a few days together. It was interesting to hear Aunty Nora reminisce about her time in Mauritius with Mum and her visit with Mum to Lizzie in Australia.


Have car recovery insurance and keep phone number to hand,
Keep phone and camera charged up,
Always have knitting available in case of emergency

Must dos:
Get high visibility vest, (on Jenny's advice I'm getting one to wear when I am cylcing around), always get out on verge side of car

Technique learnt:
Getting up to 50mph on hard shoulder then pulling out into flow of traffic.

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