Monday, 23 March 2009

Spring is here

At the weekend, the weather was balmy for the time of the year, and I was out there, weeding, and trying to remember where the perennials were. The cold weather we had had earlier on in the year, had really raised things to the ground. I shall probably be moving things around as I do. The daffodils are looking lovely too.

There are hellebore of several colours. I had planted up seedlings early last year, and those which I planted out are flowering. There are several in pots ready to take to the gardening club to raise funds to them. I've decided to propagate as many plants as I can, and pot them into the many plastic pots which I have, as a way or getting rid of the pots, and in the meantime share plants with people, and raise funds for local groups in Kenilworth.

Whilst at a talk when I was in the Wroughton Horticultural Club several years ago, I bought a special primula, which is covered in a white powder. It is called Clouded Yellow. I have propagated it and given several away.

Last year when in Norfolk, I bought some three pots of Anemone Blanda, and they are up again, with also little seedlings from germinating seeds. They are in sunny patch under the plum tree, amongst other bulbs and dwarf geraniums. I've also noticed that the snakes head fritillary seedlings which I raised from seed gathered in our garden in Swindon, are up.

Here is the latest little buy from a speaker at The Kenilworth & District Horticultural Society, potted up in a nice tall clay pot I found hiding under a lot of rubbish in the garden when we first moved in. I love the shapes and varieties of the sempervivum family. This one is called Oddity. I have another one called Brown Owl, which I bought to show to the pack of Brownies when I went to give them a talk on Sempervivums and give them all some plants, and invite them to come round and enter them into the Children's section of the show. I've set up another clay bowl with about five different varieties of sempervivum, using the small rosettes which grow from the main ones. I dress the top of the soil with sharp grit, which shows off the plants well.

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