Friday, 18 December 2009

Christmas Spirit

Last night we spent an evening listening to some superlative music at Lord Leycester's in Warwick, where we heard Passamezzo give the 'Christmas Music in Shakespeare's England' concert. With the virtuoso of the singers and instrumentalists, the detailed costumes, replica instruments, candles and the ancient hall, it will be an evening never to forget.
Since then, the Christmas Spirit is truly upon me. I am quietly content, and counting my blessings, not anxious to attain some unattainable level of competence, sophistication, or preparedness....well not yet!

As I was washing up this morning a few snowflakes drifted down, and the garden started to look like myself and the kitchen floor, which was slightly covered in a dusting of icing sugar.
It took just 45 minutes from weighing out the ingredients to covering the cake. What Delia failed to explain was that it would also take about 15 minutes to wash up and clean the floor! The home made marzipan is so easy to make and malleable and therefore very easy to apply and smooth.

It is now 'curing' under a beautiful antique serviette until sometime next week when it will be rough iced. I like this term 'rough' ice.....

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  1. What a wonderful evening, it must have been lovely for you both.

    I've never made homemade marzipan, I must put it on my things to do list.