Saturday, 11 September 2010

Spending time with relations

This week we have had our nephew spend a few days with us. I loved the day he and I spent together in Coventry. Its great to see the City from a different angle. Having lived in Madrid and Berlin for a few years, we talked about city scapes and also different ways of looking at things.
We walked around the City, through the Cathedral area, and on to the Herbert Museum. Following lunch in the crypt beneath St Mary's Guild Hall, we went up to view the superb rooms, with a wall covered with a tapestry made for the space.
This is what the guide says about the tapestry:

Manufactured around the years 1495 to 1500, its significance lies not just in its age and remarkable state of preservation, but also in the fact that, incredibly, it remains hanging on the very wall for which it was created more than five hundred years ago.
At more than nine metres wide and three metres high, this magnificent artwork dominates the north wall of the Great Hall, and is testament to both the skill of its Flemish weavers, and the wealth of the city of Coventry at the end of the fifteenth century.
We spent some time going round the Motor Museum, and Carl was impressed with the collection.

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