Sunday, 29 July 2012

A large Parma Ham on the Bone

Yesterday I picked up my phone messages, and there was one from MC asking if I would like some Parma Ham, with something to the effect they were going to the shops.....I thought maybe there was a special offer on locally and my friend was offering to fetch me some. 

Later that day it turned out that yes some ham was on its way to me, a gift, well its with me for a few days and I can cut off as much as I would like....It started off at MCs daughter's, spent a couple of days at MC, and now it is with me.  Many thanks for sharing this great treat with us.....

I got up early this morning and researched the best way to cut and keep the ham at its best, how to keep its surface moist with a film of olive oil and sharpened the long bladed knife ready to cut some succulent thin slices for lunch.

The ham tastes wonderful...sliced thinly, eaten with and assortment of chutneys; pineapple and pear and walnut chutney is specially good, oven baked tomatoes, roasted peppers, tomato focaccia, salad and red wine. I can see why Italians love Mostarda di Fruta with their ham. The Spanish too have an air dried cured ham, I've seen the black pigs grazing under oak trees.

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