Saturday, 25 August 2012

Onion & Bacon Fougasse

I bought Paul Hollywood's 100 great Breads back in 2005, and I notice in newer editions, 1tbs salt has been changed to 10g...I've now treated myself to his new book How to Bake.  I am flitting between the two, and choosing recipes to try out.  Meanwhile all my other bread making books have been tidied up and put back on the shelves, as Mr S is wondering whether I am turning into a book horder!  Maybe I am just living up to my name: Stasher!

From his first book, I've made Onion and Bacon Fougasse twice over the last month and each time it has come out very well.  With a bowl of soup, or a selection of salads, cold salmon, salami, ham, olives and chutneys etc. it is just the right accompaniment.  This is one of the breads which can be made in stages.  First one makes the batter with yeast, and this is when much of the flavour develops. 

At some stage one can cook up the onion and bacon, then continue with the next stage of including the rest of the ingredients. The baking of this bread gives off the most wonderful aroma, and really gets the taste buds going.  One of the three fougasses made from the dough which uses 400g of strong flour, is sufficient for one meal for three, and the other two go in the freezer.  They keep well, are easy to take out an hour or so before a meal, and reheating in foil in the oven, they really do feel oven fresh after this.

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