Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween Baking

After baking for the morning, then opening the door to all our little callers, I am now having a little sit down.  We decorated the front windowsill with three pumpkins, and had flashing red and white torches pointed at them.  I decided not to carve them as they are culinary pumpkins, and I have a mind to keep them for a few more weeks before cooking with them.  The pumpkins and other decorations are an 'advertisement' that we welcome callers.  Its an unwritten rule here that children call only at houses where there are visible decorations. 

The costumes and make up were very inventive, both boys and girls, toddlers and teenagers were all very enthusiastic about my biscuits, and several parents also came up to the door to partake. We must have had over 70 callers in all.  Each year I try to bake something different.  I have grown to like this new festival, which I prefer to bonfire night with all the fireworks which disturb wildlife and throw pollution into the air.

I tried three types of biscuits from Mary Berry's Baking Bible:  Anzac biscuits, decorated with pumpkin seeds, Yorkshire Gingernuts and Cornish Fairings.  All three types came up really well. 

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