Monday, 8 September 2014

Angel's Share Bakery

During a chat with the lady from the knitting shop in Hawes, I happened to mention my love of baking, and asked about local bakeries.  I not only left with yarn, but also a recommendation to visit the local well known bakery in Richmond.

Again another glorious and sunny day, and the was car parked up somewhere on the outskirts, so that we would walk and admire the architecture,

we crossed the river and approached the revamped redundant railway station.  Of course D loves both baked goods and railways so it that was the first visit in the town.

The whole station feels vibrant, the central part has a large seating area, and around there are some interesting outlets selling ice cream, cheese, beer and of course breads produced on site.
Angel's Share is tastefully decorated, and lit, and their produce lovingly displayed.

I think I shall have to try their combination of flavours for my next batch of Amaretti!

We could not resist one of the fat rascals, though I think they were a little heavy on their raising agent, felt on the tip of the tongue and teeth when eaten, otherwise a nice addition to our picnic in the Castle.  By the way my scone recipe which has won  first prizes several times has no additional baking powder!

We stocked up on goodies to take home including one of their wholemeal and rye loaves topped with linseed...guess what my weekly bread was this good as I would say. Usually I find shop made bread a little on the light and fluffy side with no substance, but Angel's Share Lancer loaf was just right, but I would have given it a further 5 minutes in the oven!

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