Saturday, 21 February 2015

Khara Buns

Again a recipe from the Book of Buns, and five stars for this one.  This book is just filled with superb recipes.  The mixture of added spices: garlic, cumin seeds, fresh and dried coriander, and chilli really appealed to me.  This gives only 8 buns, so it would be worth doubling up on the ingredients for a party or large picnic.  I used 200g stoneground wholemeal flour from Charlecote Mill

Not something we had in Mauritius, but the spices reminded me of gateau piment.  As I love coriander I used a large bunch of fresh coriander.  This 'large' bunch is an equivalent idea to saying '25cs cotomili'.  A large bunch is a 'packet' from Sainsbury's lol.  Anyway coriander to taste, and I love coriander.

The smell in the kitchen , and the taste of a warm bun with a beer to start off Friday evening was just the ticket.  I even made a lovely vegetable curry with coconut milk, fresh ginger, other spices, cauliflower, carrot, cashew nuts, chickpeas and of course fresh coriander.  And talk about serendipity, when we went for a little walk today, we popped into Robert Dyas, and there on a shelf was a copy of the Hairy Bikers Great Curries for just under £6.


  1. Sounds like a delicious spice mix, would have to give the fresh coriander a miss though. I'm one of those that find the taste soapy. Thought it was odd tastebuds until I read that it is based in science, inherited taste receptors that do make the herb taste strange.
    Do love a cook book bargain, am a glutton for them - pun intended!
    Heather :)

  2. My mother did not like the taste either, so we had very little or hardly ever conriander in Mauritius. She thought that it smelt and tasted like bed bugs.....Pleased to say that I have never had to smell bedbugs! I can't think that Mum would have ever eaten bed bugs but we knew what she meant.