Monday, 6 March 2017

Garden Wildlife

With a new garden very close to the Open Countryside we are having a lovely selection of birds visiting...and later today I shall be going out to top up all the feeders, clean out the water trays and trying to get closer to the blackbird which visits for his mealy worms.

Caught through the very dirty patio windows is this frequent visitor.  Its wonderful to see his strutting around the garden with the sunlight showing off his wonderful feathers.  The blackcaps are frequent visitors as are the Coal tits..yesterday we saw a thrush and then there are all the usuals!

This is the view I get from the living room bay window, when I stand and stare to see what the weather is like!


  1. Reading this I realised you have moved from Warwickshire to Somerset, which explains your mention of a new garden on my blog. Since I have moved from blogspot to Wordpress's your blog doesn't appear in my reading list, therefore I miss your posts. I cannot find a follow by email link on your blog.

    1. Thanks Brian for suggesting this old dog learns a new trick. I had to search and learn how to put one in...hope you enjoy reading, and any more suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I am going to post a picture of a plant in my garden and hope you can help to identify it.