Thursday, 25 October 2007

Sharing Bread Making Skills

If anyone had come to the door today they would have been roped into a group bread making session. Well three is more of a group that two!

MC is already accomplished in the arts of the kitchen, most certainly in the area of chocolate muffins, very yummy, delicious quiche eaten today, bramble crumbles, etc. with which she has helped bring sustenance and pleasure to us two new Kenilworth residents. So it was a pleasure to share some of the skills and tips which I have developed and acquired over the last two years, since becoming a domestic hand bread maker.

By the way my son Matthew works for Panasonic, the makers of the best electric automatic bread makers, and has already offered to get me one. I just like the sensual manipulation of the dough, and the ability to make a wide variety of bread from just one batch of dough, so I turned down the offer for now!

Today's output was made from 1kg white flour made into my olive oil bread, making a plain loaf, tomato and anchovy focaccia, and roasted pepper and onion with cheese wheels. MC passed with flying colours and is here with her results for you to see. Well done MC!

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