Friday, 2 January 2009

End of Year Relaxation

We are having a couple of weeks relaxing, socialising with friends and going out and about. Mr S is off work and it amazing how I've managed to learn how to lie in for longer and longer each morning. We are now however in training for the regular early morning alarm!

One of the highlights has been a visit down to Basingstoke to visit Veronica and Matthew. They arranged a fabulous day out for my birthday, which everyone enjoyed: a Steam Train Trip on the Watercress Line from Alton to Arlesford and back, with a stop for an excellent lunch and walk around Arlesford. Veronica and Matthew has a number of lovely home made presents for us, which we are still enjoying.
Both the towns are picturesque and saw some watercress beds. The white bags in the picture are to block water inlets so that the flow to the beds can be controlled.

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