Wednesday, 28 January 2009

January Blues

Just haven't been able to muster up any spirit to get much blogging done.

I have given myself a little lecture and hopefully I shall feel more able to type away.

Somehow I've taken onto my shoulders all the woes of the world, and with the economic slump, and so many unknown people faraway but also in UK in difficulties and someone near and dear succumbing to the perils of the downturn, I seem to have come under a cloud. That will not do, I need to keep my spirits up, and rejoice.

Things to help me rejoice this month:

Speaking to my sisters in Australia
The flock of goldfinches which comes to roost in the trees by the house.
Home made marmalade
Newly baked bread
Reading some wonderful blogs
Getting to grips with my new WI committee role
Walks with David at the weekend
Discovering George Eliot
Finding a wonderful Cash Book Mark

I had a lovely day in Leamington on Saturday. David was at his club helping to host an open day, and I had decided to look around the town and even had a nice lunch out at the Restaurant in the park. Just at the end of the day I realised that I had lost or had had stolen my cherished cotton bag from Venice, in which I had put a lovely dress from Kew, the end of the day was spent trying to visit all the places I had been to, to see whether someone had handed in my bag. I just cannot understand why I was so very upset by this. Perhaps all the upset that I had felt for those suffering under the recession, just welled up within me. Sunday I nursed my sore feet and mourned my loss, and David helped by looking after me, and doing all the washing up etc for the day, whilst I rested.

I have now got over this and Kew are trying to find the dress from another store. It is not often that I find a dress which suits and which I like, so it is worth buying another one just the same! I hope that the person who now has my dress whether found or taken, finds someone who needs it and will enjoy it.

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