Friday, 6 February 2009

Brass monkey or cosy monkey weather

Here is the picture of Stripie. She is a lovely sock Monkey made by Veronica and Matthew for one of our home made Christmas presents. We have found that somehow she can betray so many moods depending on how she is arranged, and her tail is quite expressive.

David has a lovely sense of humour, and from time to time arranges Stripie into different poses. I think this was the January Blues pose. Notice the cuddled up and arms crossed pose!

One morning, a couple of weeks ago, when David had gone to work, I was tidying up, (Yes the house does look at its best at about 10:30 a.m. and then it is downhill. The worst time is after dinner in the evening!), and found Stripie all wrapped round with my Hap Shawl. I just burst into laughter. The pose seemed to sum up my evening attitude to the cold!
And a few days later, when I was looking for my mauve tucker, I looked and looked, well I will discard it just about anywhere, when I get to the stage of asking: Is it hot in here or is it me? Finally my eye caught Stripe, and again I just collapsed with laughter. Isn't wonderful that I can just laugh so much at something which David has done, even though he is not here and at work.

I call this one Brass Monkey Weather or Cosy Monkey Weather courtesy of Noelle's cosy knits, on account of the low temperatures and snow outside.

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