Monday, 6 July 2009


The reason we picked that particular week for a holiday, and the Lake District, was that I wanted to go to Woolfest. I love wool, things knitted, things woolly and warm. I am also a keen supporter of British Wool and like the huge variety of sheep and their different types of wool. British Alpacas too since I just love the warmth of their wool.

A couple of years ago I went to Wonderwool in Wales, and this time it was to be the Lake District. I decided to go round without my dearly beloved, and he agreed that we would organise himself a day out on the trains around the coast.

I arrived early, and was about fourth in the queue, but we were soon allowed in. One of the first stalls I came across was one of my favourite British Yarn farmers and suppliers: Wensleydale Longwool Sheepshop. I have a lovely jumper which I must have knitted about five years ago. The warmth and sheen of the yarn is superb, and it was not long before I spotted just what I wanted. I have the shade card at home, but it is so much nicer to see the yarn, and feel it in ones hands...but then chatting with the owner, my eye spied more things. On the stall there was a display garment, and it was closed with a shawl pin. I have been looking for one for ages, and was so excited, when I able to get one.

There were many other knitters, felters and spinners on their own, and when we sat down in the arena to watch and listed to a commentary on some rare sheep, there was also time to chat.

After my disappointment of not getting a throw whilst in Wales, I was very pleased to find Blacker Designs with a good choice.

The one which really caught my eye was made with a Jacob Sheep and Mohair Blend. The pattern is reminiscent of a slice of stone with cross section of fossils. I checked out all the other blankets and stalls and be really sure which one I wanted. The best thing is that Mr S also really likes it too.

Other items to add to my stash are various balls of Pure Dark Marl Jacob, Pure Black Welsh Mountain Wool, Pure Ryeland Wool, and Pure Lleyn Lamb's wool from The Natural Fibre Co. From other stalls I got Alpaca Sock Yarn, and Lace Weight Organically Framed Merino Woolspun from Fibre Harvest Ltd, Water Wheel spun at Coldharbour Mill. I wonder whether we might have a holiday some time near there?

One stall had some lovely metal embellishments. And whilst writing this blog, I just had to go check on which stall it was, and have also looked up Ruth Lee further. She is a lovely artist, and when we chatted, it was great to hear about her work and also that she used live in Coventry. I explained that I had seen her stall once at the Ali Palli show,and asked then whether she had considered shawl pins. How wonderful, that following that request, her partner took up my suggestion is now making them using metal from their old hot water tank. The shawl pins all vary, and I picked one, and was also pleased to hear that they had been a very good seller. I loved the shape of the pin on the one I chose which looked like a fancy Shepherd's crook.

I even spied this knitted clock, at the time my legs were starting to rest another rest!

I felt like it had been Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one. My yarn stash runneth over! Now I can plan what knitting I'm to do over the coming months.

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  1. So pleased to learn that your stash runneth over! Must remember to mention to Mr R how nice a holiday in the Lakes would be next year.