Thursday, 7 January 2010

Special Presents

I did have some lovely presents from friends and a very nice 'challenge' present from Mr S. We challenged each other to find a nice gift for £5. Well we spoil each other in so many ways during the year, and this year we decided to spare our efforts and just enjoy Christmas, its festivities and the various social and cultural does which this year started at the beginning of December.

As a crafter, the types of gifts I most appreciate are normally hand made.

From Matthew and Veronica we had a handsome wicker basket filled with all manner of hand made goodies ranging from Turkish Delight, toiletries, soap, sloe gin, cider, chocolate fudge etc., all home made and beautifully packaged and presented.

From my friend Judith, a superb hand knitted bag, embellished with beaded flowers and lined with 'recycled hand-knitted socks'. There were Liz Earle toileterries in the bag...but what a bag!

Also I count this as a 'Christmas Present', from Diane, a Knitting Friend to baby W. I took it over for Baby W's Mum on Boxing Day, and she was tickled pink! I think it will fit a one year old, but I guess it will be coming out several times before that, just to be admired.

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