Monday, 19 July 2010

It depends on how many pairs of scissors one has...

That is the answer I gave to Mr S, when he asked whether I needed more than one scissor keeper. I have quite a few pairs of scissors, and then of course there may be friends who may like them, so I still have more to make!

It all started with the embroidery of a bee at our WI craft group to put on a scissor keeper. I never finished the project there, but as the group has now broken up for summer, I am now determined to complete unfinished projects. Once I had finished this one, I went on to make a couple more!

The bee we had been given to embroider, turned out to look a bit like a cartoon bumble bee or rather more like a wasp, so I went on to try to copy a picture of a bumble bee from my insect guide....then I wanted to have a keeper to go with my scissors which lived in my sock knitting bag, and then one to go on the tiniest of pairs of scissors which live in my needle case.

On the reverse of the blue keeper, I did a little bit of sashiko quilting. Its a lovely way of incorporating a small bit of work into a larger, but small project

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