Monday, 10 January 2011

Definitely not the dreariest weekend of the year

On the radio I heard about tips to overcome the post festivities is now this weekend was brightened up!

Bought myself a nice bunch of yellow roses....but have made a note that from now on, to buy British Daffodils. Last year we saw the fields in the Isles of Scilly, and we really must support home grown flowers.

Discovered some hidden treasures in the freezer, whilst 'stock taking' and deciding where I am going to put the Seville Oranges which have appeared at the weekly fruit and veg market. So apart from roasting a big free range chicken, no other cooking required for the weekend.

Saturday morning, went out to Warwick with Mr S, and in the afternoon went to Leamington on my own, to page homage to the Sales Gods.....did not see anything I wanted, but roamed around, window shopping and popping into some of Leamington's independent stores, and getting myself little treats.

I DISCOVERED a lovely shop: Decorative Cloth of Leamington Spa, selling sewing things. Their reels of lace and ribbons are just gorgeous, and they have lovely rolls of natural fabrics, as well as lovely prints. It feels such an inviting place with all the things I've been looking for. I think I shall be visiting Leamington far more often from now on.

Mr S and I went on our first walk with a local rambling club, finishing off with a good Sunday Lunch. We had about the best weather since the cold weather started at the beginning of November. When we returned Mr S won the gold star of the week, by cleaning all the mud off the boots.....the gold star was awarded with a plate full of freshly baked scones for tea!

I found a wonderful Knit along on Ravelry, where I can learn some new techniques. The pattern designed by Ann Kingstone, has a clever design for a scarf, which pulls you along, like a good book.

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