Thursday, 3 March 2011

February Highlights

Computer 'died'

How did we live our lives before this revolution, before the Internet, emails, blogging etc? I even had to go the Library and check up on a few this facility is restored, and I am having to find my way around a very different set up....

Day out in Birmingham

Even though the weather was fowl, Mr S and I set out on our train trip, and walked around a new area. We set out towards the mail box. I took this photograph of what I now know is called 'The Cube'. I thought it was the Mailbox. You can stand and look at The Cube in so many ways. We walked amongst the buildings, and have yet to get beyond the exteriors. I loved the view down into a courtyard, and the living wall. This is the first I have seen in the flesh. The plants are growing on a vertical wall.

After refreshments at Carluccios, where I had the most wonderful decaf coffee I have ever tasted, we walked along the canal then headed for the Chinese Quarter and had a fascinating tour round the Back to Backs. All the tours that day were fully booked, but they were waiting for a group of 6 who had not arrived, so we were the welcomed in straight away.

Trip to London to share in with the Brouards' big celebrations.

This is the first time I remember travelling with people going to a foot ball match: Birmingham was in the Carling Cup against Arsnal, and it seemed that every train from Birmingham was stopping at Wembley. The trains were really full up and Mr S had to stand all the way from Leamington to Wembley...but there was plenty of room from there to Marylebone.

I still call this wonderful couple Aunty Frances and Uncle Noel, and their children, my contemporaries were our 'family' when I was young in Mauritius. The whole of Mustik was taken over, and during all the welcomes, hellos, embraces, there was a loop of film made from all the old family films of the Brouards at play. With the wonderful book of photographs, and the delightful cake to celebrate their sixtieth wedding anniversary, and Aunty Frances's 80th birthday, together with the Caribean spread, this was surely a most enjoyable celebration.

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