Tuesday, 15 March 2011

So long as you keep on going....

I remember my Dad saying this to me once...it was about something in his life, and now I am going to keep to this. So although my blogging has dropped off I have decided just to open up, and get something down. In so many areas of my life, I seem to be bogged down, I need to get rid of this inertia.

Over the last two Wednesdays, I have been with my friend Pat, to Warwick WI headquarters, for a course on making blocks from a jelly roll. With two days cutting and using my sewing machine I think I am on the way. But just like this blog, I really must just get out my machine and get going....

The jelly roll was over a year old, and had not even been unrolled. It is Fabric Freedom Coloured Dreams, and last week I even managed to source some matching fabric to back my project. By the end of the second day I had put together some spare pieces, sandwiched them with some batting in between, and run the machine in the 'ditches'. I loved the fact that when I showed this piece to Mr S, he said cushion to go with the quilt for the garden bench.


  1. Noelle, your jelly roll looks beautiful. I'm looking for a new patchwork project and think you may have pointed me in the right direction. Also think I'm going to go along the machine route, hand sewing is relaxing but so, so time consuming. Good to see you blogging again - the long winter seems to make one feel "bogged" down, nice to see that spring is upon us!
    Judith xx

  2. They look lovely and are a real credit to your abilities. Such pretty colours. I bet you are very proud.

  3. Having seen this beauty in the flesh (so to speak) I must say how lovely it is. Glorious colours!

    Lovely to meet you yesterday, Noelle - I hope you enjoyed the rest of the day.