Sunday, 10 April 2011

More spring garden plants

Should I describe my garden as a 'Cottage Garden'? I just love plants, and seem to find places for them. Sometimes I have to move them, or get rid of less choice ones to put in my latest acquisitions. I love to propagate and swap and give them away. When I walk around the garden, I can often remember when I first acquired them, and if they come from a friend's garden, then they are a lovely reminder of them too.

At the last evening meeting of the Kenilworth Gardening Club we had an excellent speaker talking about gardening with shade. So with this in mind, I walked round the garden finding some of the plants he mentioned like this Epimedium, and have made a mental note to pot some up for sale later in the year.

I know a couple of friends who would like some cowslips, so will pot up some seedlings for them. I originally grew these from seeds, which were planted in my garden, three houses back. We always seem to move during the hottest and driest parts of the year, but I have managed always to bring a few specimens with me.

These Anemone Blanda, I bought from a market in Kings Lynn not long after moving here, and have managed to encourage the seeds to germinate, and they brighten up the spot under the plum tree.

All these early flowers attract all manner of flying insects into the garden, from honey bees to all forms of bumble bees, and hover flies. Yesterday I saw the first orange tip.

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  1. Beautiful photos. Spring is such a lovely time for flowers.