Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Growing up fast

With there being some distance between our two homes, it is sometimes more weeks than I would wish between my seeing my little grand daughter. I find it facisnating just to watch her and to see how little minds and bodies grow and develop. I was lucky to spend a few days watching Izabelle at the stage when she could balance and walk a few steps, but prefered to crawl. Just like her dad, she is an excellent climber, and is happy to work out the next move, or move to adjust her position. I have just heard that she is now walking very well, and that crawling is in the past.

A little study toy box, works as a table, and also a step up to look at the plants on the window sill and also out into the garden. Best of all, its just the size to also climb into!

Out in the garden, there is a climbing frame and slide, with flatforms to climb onto and from which to look around. Although not yet talking, Izzie understands so much, and I had great fun 'instructing' her for instance send bunny down the slide or come down on your front. As it was a little chilly, she still wanted to be outside and here she is wearing a charming handknit jacket knitted by Diane from Kenilworth Knit and Natter.

She's even learnt the names for daisy and buttercut, and we made a 'salad' of these in a little pot. Although she's yet to say the words, I did check the next day, and she did point the right ones out. There are a few pots of strawberries growing in the garden, and Izabelle checks to see for ripeness, and 'feeds' ripe ones to bunny. On one of our walks I had Izabelle in a special back pack, and all I can say is that when I took it off, I felt as if I was floating, and also when out shopping if there are any people with young children behind me, then I shall let them go first.

On one of the days we girls went swimming to the pool right in the middle of Basingstoke shopping complex. This is one big water baby....climbing out onto the sides and falling back in again. I don't think it will be long before she is swimming. No arm bands for her but she is held and guided along the surface, going under is no problem for her either. There is just lots of fun to be had in the pool.

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