Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Mr S with a big smile on his face

When looking at the local paper, we often see open days or events advertised which could be interesting...with nothing to do that day in May, and being interested in transport especially trains, the open day at Electric Railway Museum at Baginton appealed. It seemed to follow on nicely from our visit the previous weekend to the London Transport Museum at Covent Market.

Although nothing to do with Electric Railways, there was a steam engine which was chuffing away nicely, which I was invited to climb on...... what a terrific feeling to feel all that power rumbling through one's body! The engine was originally made in Basingstoke by Wallis & Steevens Ltd, it was the Basingstoke association which first caught my eye.

They have an old station which Mr S climbed over, and this expression sums up his day....oh happy days....

There were some great locos and carriages for the aficionado, and one kitted out for tea and snacks. One carriage has an excellent display of the development of electricity and the electrical motor and its use in railways, something every budding engineer would be interested in. The story boards and information contained was so clear, that it would make an excellent booklet, and there were also a couple of hand on exhibits which explained some of the phenomenon. I would definitely recommend a visit for anyone interested in transport or with children interested in getting up close to trains.

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  1. That's a nice photo of Mr. S! He sure does look happy!