Sunday, 7 August 2011

And she came walking through the door

Although I am partly a cyber grandma, and can daily get my fix of superb photographs of little Izzi, there is nothing equal to fixing a date when Mr S and I can meet up with the apples of our eyes: Master S, his wife, and Grand daughter S.

This time, they trailed up here, and it turned out to be a really hot day. We met up at the Cafe at Wellesbourne Aerodrome, and Izzie was able to watch all the little two seaters take off and land, whilst we caught up and had a light lunch. It was a sunhat and sunglasses day, with factor 50 sunscreen for Grand daughter and Grandma too.

On our way back to Kenilworth, we stopped at one of our favourite little Villages: Barford. Its such an interesting place with varied architecture. In the church we picked up an illustrated guided walk, and being such a hot day, it was no surprise that we ended up by the river. We had fun watching the river and reeds, and the ducks and playing in the tunnel under the bridge. It is all echoey and we sang 'Little sir echo', which I used to sing to Master S when he was little. This lovely picture was sent to me and it sums up the day.

When we got back to Kenilworth, I had to dive into the house, just to turn round and watch Izzie walk into our home on her own for the first time.

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