Sunday, 7 August 2011

Gallivating and lunch out in Stratford

Mr S is having a week's break from work, and on the first day, we ventured forth to Stratford. This time choosing an all day parking, as on a previous occasion we were stung with a fine for being just a few minutes late.

We popped in and out of shops, and then, we decided to have lunch, and went to the Rooftop Restaurant at the RSC. We choose to sit on the outside terrace with views across the town and over the river too.

We watched groups resting, picnicking and playing in the park, and boats going past on the river.

We had starters of game pate, and salmon and prawn cocktail, followed by some wonderful lamb with vegetables, then plum duff. We really had to sit afterwards for a little while with tea for Mr S and coffee for me. Afterwards we explored the area, and enjoyed the views all around.

As we went back into the town, we stopped to have a chat with a lady in medieval costume, whom we had been watching from on high......and we were offered some two for one tickets for the Shakespeare properties with free entry for children. Our annual tickets had just run out, and now at least one of our days out when V & I come to stay will be to visit Mary Arden's farm.

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