Sunday, 5 February 2012

Iced Lemon Buns

A few weeks ago, my dearly beloved returned from Sainsburys.  He went on his own, and these days he very rarely goes shopping, but the glum look was because he could not get any iced buns.  It was about the second week in January and he was flummoxed to find hot cross buns, not just one type, but at least five: the basics range, standard, finest, wholemeal, branded ones too, and so many weeks till Easter!  When asked the staff said that iced buns were no longer stocked and one had to go to Warwick! 

When we realised that we would not be going far today, what with there being four inches of snow outside our door, I decided to do some baking.  In addition to a couple of Malt Loaves made with raisins rather than sultanas, I made some Iced Lemon Buns.  Most of the buns remain uniced and destined for the freezer.  Four of them are now ready, so we shall have a Sunday afternoon tea with Iced Buns...yummy! 

Earlier in the week I made apricot and oat loaves, and since then a superb batch of sourdough spelt loaves.  I used up the last of the flour I bought during a visit to Caudwell's Mill, whilst on a superb break in the Peak District when we stayed near Matlock during the late autumn.  I bought several types of flour, and all baked really well, with their malted flour producing very superior loaves.

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