Thursday, 10 May 2012

Hairy Bikers Scandinavian Rye Bread and Cardamom Coffee Cake

When Nicki raised the topic of Rye Bread and the variations ranging from the very heavy dark rye loaves to the 'rye' breads which contain as little as 3% available in the shops, I 'volunteered' to make her one.  Yesterday I made a couple following the Hairy Bikers' recipe found in their Big Book of Baking.  They have turned out really well, and I am waiting for Nicki's feedback.

I baked their Cardamom Coffee Cake for the first time a week or so ago, and we are now into our second piece which has come out of the freezer!  Mr S rates this recipe very highly, and so do I. It is perfect with coffee.   When I first made this I wondered what the dearly beloved would have made of the flavour from the cardamoms, and dared not tell what was in it....after all this is a spice I use in my curries and savoury dishes.  Also I wondered what sort of cake it would be, given that it was a batter the consistency of double cream.  This is picture is the cake ready for the oven with the sugar and almonds sprinkled and floating above the batter....  This will be made many more times.

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