Sunday, 20 May 2012

Kenilworth Festival Knitting in the Park

Through the local grapevine, aka Kenilworth Knit and Natter, and on Ravelry, a request was sent out for knitters and crochet people to turn up today, to bolster numbers in the Craft Tent.  I set off before 10 this morning, well dressed, for the temperature outside read just 8C, with spare needles, and some books.  Jane Harrisson was the 'leader', as an engineer she is at home with all manner of knitting machines, as well as hand held knitting needles. Jane brought along some lovely pieces, and I tried my best with an interesting display, and during the morning a few pieces found nice homes.   There were three other fans ready to help and advise visitors on knitting etc.  There was quite a lot of interest shown in the Local Knitting Groups as well as the crochet courses being run by Caroline Sandford at Sew Arty in Kenilworth.  She made a lovely head band for little Izabelle, and also found it in her to part with a very cheeky looking frog, and it is destined to be a special birthday present for someone,  In addition to myself Melissa and Alainea rallied to the call for help, and here we are all, behind our heap of yarn.

I left after one, as more people turned up to help out on the stand.  There was a lovely community feel to the day, and we chatted to people who had come from very far, but were staying with friends in Kenilworth.

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