Saturday, 11 April 2015

Exochorda Giraldii Var Wilsonii

When some 'girls' go shopping on a Saturday, they are apt to come home with some treats.  One of my favourite shopping treats, I have several types, are plants.  I have had my eye on this shrub for some time.  At least since February, so I have waited nearly two months....  I first was drawn, sorry about the pun, to this shrub, when at art class we were presented with some twigs and seed heads...

This isn't a very good picture, but I love the star shaped seed pods, which reminded me a little of star anise.  It took me some time to find out which shrub these came from.  It may well have been Exorchorda x macrantha 'The Bride'.  One of my friends had promised me a plant a couple of years ago, but sadly it was passed to someone else!  So long as it is growing well somewhere else, I don't mind at all.  I had not really yet fallen for this shrub at that point, and if I had followed the recommended pruning, may never have discovered the lovely seed heads.

Last week, I happened to pop into Hintons Nursery to chase another shrub I had on order since last year, and spotted that they carry a couple of varieties, so made a note of the names, and came home to research which I would like.  What I like about this nursery is that they carry some unusual shrubs, and it is only a couple of miles away.  They produce most of the plants themselves, and Sarah Ridgeway is usually on hand to offer information and advice.and her staff are pretty knowledgeable.

With my two one pound gardening vouchers won with my first prize, and some change riffled from Mr S's wallet, I bought my shrub.

Close up the flowers are intricate and interesting, with a gentle perfume.

The plant is well grown, and for a little while I shall plant it up in a larger pot, and place it around the garden till I find its final resting place.  I read that this grows into a large shrub, but I hope to keep it in check with pruning.

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