Tuesday, 2 June 2015

New Plants from Ashwood Nursery

When we were on holiday in Mallorca Mr S often stopped to admire this little plant, with its flowers like little snapdragons, sometimes it was growing wild, sometimes it was planted into stone walls, so much so that I did take a picture for him.  We have also seen this growing in similar situation in the UK.

I knew I did not really have any space for any more plants...but  I have come to realise that I also have far too many in pots too.  But there you are, I am a glutton and cannot resist.  I shall have to cut back in future, and for now, reduce some of my larger clumps of cherished plants and plant more out. For the ones which are not performing, I shall have to ruthless...quite difficult and maybe I shall repent at leisure.  On this occasion of buying,  none on my list were available, and I did succumb to the buy 6, and more or less get one free, why oh why do I fall for this.  Anyway when I got home I looked them up and I think I am pleased with all of them.

When I saw a similar plant, I thought this would be the little present for Mr S...Cymbalaria Muralis.  When I looked it up and found one of the alternative name, I was flabbergasted!  Kenilworth Ivy.  I also remembered its other name Ivy leaved toadflax.  Mr S was delighted! He loves little wild flowers.

This one with the pretty pink flowers reminded me of other seashore plants, with silvery leaves and compact flowers,  I found on on holiday.  This one is Antennaria Rosea, and comes from North America and I was really tickled pink by its other name Rosy Pussytoes

Just to add a very nice shade of lemony yellow, Alpine Achillea King Edward

and because this reminded of my lovely daughter in law: Veronica Prostata Mrs Holt

and then I was tempted by this pretty Aethionema Warley Rose, I'm not sure I have got quite the right conditions for it, as it likes alkaline soil, but I will dress it with lots of broken eggshells and see if it flourishes or not.

and then because I have a thing about geraniums
Geranium Farreri

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