Thursday, 28 April 2016

Just ticking over during a Cool Spring

So what has been occupying my I glance out over the garden, the lovely 'wild' flowers with  their cheery blooms remind me that it is spring.  They are wild cowslips, which I started from seed many years ago, and just appear around the garden, and are left to grow where they sprout, depending on whether it suits me or not and yellow primroses which came from a friend's garden.  These are growing at the foot of the bird bath.

I was going to post this little vase in my In a Vase on Monday, but never got round to it!

After a warm winter, we are having frosts and snow in April.  I cycled to my craft group this week in a flurry of snow.  The first clutch of robins are already fledged and I have a regular visitor now, with his red feathers just starting to come through, for whom I leave little morsels in strange places, hoping that the wood pigeons will not find them first.  The older robins have learnt to eat from the bird feeder even though there is a cage to stop the squirrels.

I've been enjoying reading through the WI's book club latest read, and learning to knit with two strands of wool each in a different hand for these mittens.

and of course a little baking, again sfoof buns for breakfast.

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