Thursday, 29 December 2016

Ebbor Gorge

A very short distance away is open countryside, and as we are on a break from DIY and refurbishment, we thought we would explore the local Nature Reserve.  The weather was magnificent and from the top there were clear views across the Vale of Avalon towards Glastonbury Tor.

I do love a little climb, and thankfully we had taken a pair of sticks with us...I think we may need to buy another set so that we can have two sticks each.  On one stretch, we lent one stick to a more mature much easier than helping with a sprained ankle further down the slope!  One of the billboards rightly describes the walk as a scramble.  We shall be visiting this National Reserve again and again over the different seasons, as it promises many wild flowers, insects and birds!  We even saw a butterfly in flight....and by the way the robins are paired off in the garden too!


  1. looks like a great day out. I have not tried two sticks, I usually get rather annoyed by just the one :-)
    Have you walked the river Barle? My favourite walking when we are on Exmoor.

    1. My two sticks probably saved both myself and my sister to whom I lent one as we crossed the Pyrenees...when it comes to difficult terrain, they are a godsend to me...she with the shortish legs!! The River Barle walk looks stunning thanks for pointing that one out Joanna.