Friday, 3 February 2017

Swedish Limpa Bread

With a rye sourdough starter, a mixture of wholemeal spelt and rye, and white strong wheat flours, malt syrup, ground fennel, caraways seed and grated orange zest, a little salt, these three mini breads took most of the day to rise...but it was a very cool day.  Jane Mason's recipe yields a loaf of around 550g, but I was a little nervous as to the flavour since it is the first time I have baked this.  I wondered whether it would be to Mr S's taste, so decided to make three small ones.  The was an alternative motive too: my very good friend and bread guru is coming to stay in a few days time, and I will be able to draw on the freezer stash to share a taster with her.  Mr S really enjoyed it too, so next time I shall make two 550g loaves!

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