Monday, 21 December 2020

In a Vase on Monday

 No water required for this salvaged hydrangea head. It featured a few weeks ago, and has gracefully dried whilst turning duck egg blue and a tasteful pink. I'm linking in with Cathy who has a little collection of vintage and antique ink wells with a lovely small posy flowers.

It is sitting in a little bowl just bought on our visit to buy our Christmas supply of Keeved Cider. The bowl was made by Angela, and it is sitting on the beautiful base of stems woven together, bought last year at our visit to buy cider.

Angela also gave me some twisted hazel which was to form part of an arrangement, but being quite large it stayed by the front door and has some ivy from the garden and berried holly brought over by another gardening friend.

I may just add a little of Father Christmas's beard, which looks nicely washed and is hanging around hedgerows locally. Plenty will be left for the Old Man.


  1. Dried hydrangeas are such a joy to have around. Lovely new bowl. Merry Holidays!

  2. Two 'vases' instead of one, and both so seasonal in their different ways - do add some of Father Christmas' beard too! Thanks for sharing Noelle, and my very best woshes to you both for the coming year, which we all hope will be an improvement on 2020!

  3. Oh that looks like an offering set before the gods and so delicate and pretty Noelle . isn't twisted hazel fabulous?