Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Beginner's mistakes or luck when choosing snowdrops

 Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and given a selection of snowdrops I go for the ones that make me smile.  I am not a collector or galanthophile, nor have the sort of brain to hold all the differences, but maybe that comes as a result of years of study and observation. It is the cultivation and care that I enjoy. 

 With all the zooming going on, it has been a bonus to be able to join in with lectures and to this effect, I have now joined in with the Galanthus arm of the Hardy Plant Society, after hearing about the talk on Saturday by Anne Repnow all the way from Germany.

I went to collect my order from a local grower, and having viewed the snowdrops picked up a couple more plants.  How could you not?

One snowdrop which really appealed when I saw it, but it was not on my list.  It was also too cold and wet to get my book out.   I could not remember why it rang a bell.  I had read up about it, that I remember, but I could not remember its details.  Its name was Galanthus Jacqunetta, and it was indeed a fine one.  But is it Jacqunetta?  Jacquenetta on the left and Hippolyta  on the right side by side.

Hippolyta is flowering with shorter leaves and Jacquetta has a longer stem.

The plant labelled as Jaquenetta on close inspection the flower does not appear to resemble any pictures I have seen, as it lacks the green markings on the outer petals.  I wonder whether it has been mislabeled: by that I mean the labels being mixed up?  If any one recognises it it would be much appreciated, if you would post your suggestions below.

Galanthus Hippolyta

"One of the last to appear, but one of the best, beautifully formed, rounded bells, filled with neat, green edged petticoats. One of the Greatorex doubles. When established makes two flowers per bulb. 20 cm"  the Description on Beth Chatto's site is a clear description of the flowers on the pot on the right.

The reason the name Jacquenetta was familiar is that it is one that Anne may have a spare bulb come the summer.  I am hoping Anna will be able to compare the one I bought with hers.  

Cyclamen repandum, Galanthus S Arnott, Zwanburg, plicatus and Elfin have also been added to my collection. I hope they will all be good doers.


  1. I would gladly compare my 'Jaquenetta' with yours Noelle except that mine are blind this year. The bulbs have multiplied though so I will be dividing her probably when she is dormant. I can't honestly remember if the flowers on mine had green markings on the outer petals or not when they were in flower last year. Mine were a gift from Cathy so she might be able to help. Some snowdrop flowers though do not always show their markings when they are still young bulbs. Also sadly 'Jaquenetta' doesn't always develop the green marking on the outer petals 😢

    1. Thanks for all the observations Anna. Its great that both you and Anna have this experience and are happy to share.

  2. I replied to this yesterday but my comment seems to have disappeared in the ether! I was letting you know that Jaquenetta is known for often having these marks missing on its outer petals

    1. The ether appears to be gobbling up other people's comments, so thanks for trying again. I find the three inner longer white petals interesting. Again that does not appear to be classic for Jaquenetta. At least looking at these details is starting to train my 'drops eye'. I love it that Anna called them 'drops!