Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Crafts at the WI

Tuesdays are now play days for me, starting with Pilates at St John Church Hall. Then there is time for a quick lunch before setting off the afternoon craft session. Then back to cook dinner and then off to the lovely knitting group at Web of Wool in Leamington.
A few months back I was lead to believe there was a knitting group down the Waverley Road, but I found out the group did various crafts and was attended by WI Ladies, and I was invited to join, without the need to join the WI. Its has given me the opportunity to try out different crafts alongside experienced crafters, and learn new skills. I joined the group when they had already started on a patchwork project, and Kay our leader, set up a small patchwork project for me to do. Now we are working on a small item, a collapsing box, to hold sewing items, based on a Japanese craft of small containers and boxes. The ladies are a fun lot to be with, and have made me very welcome. I have even joined the WI and have been to a couple of excellent talks so far, and next week am joining them for a guided tour of Lord Leycester's Hospital in Warwick. The ladies are a wealth of knowledge on local matters, and Jean who is pictured above with some of her previous projects as well as the partly completed project with lovely Japanese fabric. This time we are taking short-cuts with glueing the fabric onto the card; purists used curved needles and sew the fabric onto the cards.
Going to the craft group is like being at a play-group/Blue Peter group for adults, lots of fun, laughs, and 'present' making...sorry chaps, ladies only!

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