Sunday, 22 June 2008

Busy Week Gallivanting

Out every day on trips or evenings out. What a lucky girl I am! Monday out for a birthday party, Tuesday David and I went out to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary at a wonderful little French Restaurant in Kenilworth, Wednesday was members' night at the WI, Thursday I drove out to an NCCPG member's garden with my friend Penny, and Friday went on a WI outing to Lord Leycester's Hospital in Warwick where the Master himself showed us round.

All that was in addition to my usual weekly Pilates class, craft group etc., only missing out on my knitting group on Tuesday evening.

This is Penny who introduced me to the NCCPG, and we drove out together for the Coles's garden and nursery.

This is Lord Leycester's Hospital in Coventry. The Master gave the Kenilworth WI a tour of the Halls, chapel and gardens. This was the second wonderful garden of the week I had been round. Mid June must be the best time for roses and other herbaceous plants. The tour ended with tea in the brothers' kitchen.

I caught this mettle frog in the Cole'ss garden, leaping up at the edge of a pool. As well as having the most amazing range of plants, they were beautifully set out on a rolling, sloping garden, with water features, pergolas, patios and seating areas.

I loved the bench with a lovely view, set against some rosemary giving an aromatic view of the garden for anyone wanting a rest. This metal rooster on one side faced into the setting sun.

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