Friday, 11 July 2008

Hidcote, Alcester and a lovely day out

Last Friday was the first day of David's postponed week off. As the weather was lovely we decided to have a day out. We drove through the lovely tree lined roads to Alcester, stopping on the way to walk a little along the aqueduct taking the canal over the road, and then lunch in a lovely old country inn. Alcester was delightful. More pictures on another day maybe.

We drove on to Hidcote, and on the way had tea at a teashop attached to an antique barn. We had a nice browse round, and arrived at Hidcote at five......although the gardens close at six, the gate was closed but we managed to squeeze through the exit. We felt like two kids who managed to sneak into a secret garden. We did not feel too guilty as we are members of the National Trust and would not have had to pay anything extra. The gardens were superb, with hardly anyone around and the birds seemed to have taken over after the crowds had departed.

On the way out I noticed a pick your own farm on the estate, and was not able to resist. We bought ready picked broad beans for £0.80 Kg, compared to £3.99 Kg in Sainsburys, and we picked some blackcurrants. We managed to get two pounds. These are the first I've bought as in previous years grew them both in the garden and at my allotment. David had not realised how hard work they are to pick! Next morning I got busy and made some lovely jam.

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