Monday, 28 July 2008

Three coats of paint today

With two people working today, that is David and I, we managed three coats of paint on the bedroom walls. We have to wait till tomorrow to see whether we need a fourth. I cut in all the edges and paint the corners and David is closely behind me with the roller filling in the walls. Its the window cutting in which is the slowest. The good news is that the ceiling needed only one coat.

We managed all this despite a sleepless night last night. It was the hottest night so far, with the temperature over 25 C at bedtime and 23 C in the morning. This evening we had a thunder storm with some rain, which is good news as I had to get out the hose for the first time last night and the water butt is empty.

No longer having an allotment is no reason not to try to sneak in a few vegetables into a very small garden. Hurrah! I picked the first of my climbing french beans today. I grew them from seed which I had kept from beans grown in Swindon which originally came from just 2 seeds of an old vintage variety from the soil association. I actually received about eight seeds but only two survived to grow beans.

I have already cooked and eaten vegetables which I have grown in other people's gardens. I planted a lovely yellow courgette plant given to me by Mandy who is an excellent gardener who also goes to the Web of Wool Tuesday knitting group, in my neighbour's garden. In addition we have had some excellent beetroot and lettuce which I planted in Rita's allotment on the other side of Kenilworth. I have a round trip cycle ride of about half an hour to go there but it is well worth it, both to see Rita, have a chat and do some gardening as well.

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