Sunday, 7 September 2008

War of the Roses at Kenilworth Castle

The event of Kenilworth Castle was one of the excuses to get Matthew and Veronica over, another one was to meet up with Jenny.

After a lovely lunch in the garden, we took ourselves over to the Castle and treated Matthew and Veronica to an early Christmas Present with 15 months membership of English Heritage. Veronica travels with her work, and is already planning her visits to coincide with driving breaks.

There was much to entertain and interest: fletchers, shoe makers, tents all bedecked with finery, children in period costume who were playing old fashioned games, ladies embroidering, and basket making, and getting the evening meal ready on braziers. For the ladies there was also the added attraction of watching hunky men dress and undress for battle, right down to medieval underwear, all pretty clean mind you! The clothes were wonderful, wool and linen with embroidery, leather belts, and for the upper crust silk and velvet gowns etc.

We watched a small battle, and the noise was tremendous. They let off small explosions from very early and primitive looking canons, which made me jump each time. The men must have felt very tired afterwards, and there were also women on the battle ground too! The archers probably had the easier job, well easier than wielding a long sword whilst wearing heavy armour.

Just for the far flung family here are some pictures of some of my Clan

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