Monday, 22 September 2008

Train Trip to Carlisle

The trip was a special treat. Starting from Hereford and all the way to Carlisle and back in the same comfortable carriage, with great catering all the way, it was as I imagine a cruise would be. We had superb weather and great views all along the way. A vintage diesel drew the carriages for some of the journey and for the bit 'up north' we had steam. We had views across the valleys and could see the shadow of the train and the viaducts. Crowds of the lookers on, and there were hundreds, stood along the track with their cameras and tripods, so train spotters and twitchers, watched us go past over the Settle to Carlisle viaducts.

I managed to get some knitting in too! I busied myself with the second of the legwarmers, but just as I had finished and was knitting the cord, I found that I had forgotten to knit in the holes right by the least I shall have time when hiding upstairs and trying to get away from the building mess!

Each side of our trip we stayed in a delightful B & B in Hereford, and enjoyed exploring the town both Friday evening and Sunday morning. Friday afternoon we spent in the Cathedral and went to look at the Mappa Mundi and the chained library. Having started the routine of lighting candles in Venice, I was just drawn to doing the same in Hereford. Had a wonderful sit down in the garden of the Cathedral enjoying their mixed herbaceous garden and cake and tea....very English!

Just to finish off our holiday nicely we dropped in on the Gala Day at the Kidderminster end of the Severn Valley Railway. Its a preserved railway and there we saw at least four engines in steam and many well restored vintage carriages, and were able to have free access to the platforms to look at them. We just had a sandwich and tea in the tearooms then continued our journey home.

With just a few days to go till the big spurt forward with the refurbishment, the days leading up to our trip have been filled with the task of emptying the living and dining rooms of everything! The only room left without too much stuff is now the kitchen and the bathroom.

How we can cram so much in, not so much cram as plan.....The train trip was booked early in the year, then the trip to Venice and then the builder. Now I have to think about such things as carpets and calculate the earliest day the fitters can to do their work without bruising the new paintwork, and book that. Allowing for the fact that the paint will be done before the papering, can I manage to get the carpet fitters in the day after the builder has gone, and thereby needing to move the furniture back only once after the carpets are down?

Keeping that perfect picture in my mind I shall be able to deal to all that may come my way over the next three or four weeks!!!! David will not have any TV for that we shall get the hall done too.

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  1. Lovely posts Noelle. In my experience a few trips are just what you need to help you deal with refurbishment! Venice is beautiful. I love the calmness it seems to have, due, I think, to the absence of cars.
    ps thanks for the postcard