Monday, 22 September 2008

A week in Venice

Its ages now since we first set off for our week in Venice at the very end of August.

Dawn next door was on standby to water the pots and baskets, and I had connected the spray end to the hose, as that was easier than using the water butt and can for her. Little did I know that it would rain and rain and rain! No watering needed in the Kenilworth.

Venice was just beautiful, and she was so different from her February guise we last saw her in, there may have been masques and costumes and cold then, but this time there were loads of tourists in spots like St Marks Square and the Rialto, with cafes spilling outside, and high tourist prices but the euro was also higher this time round. This time we were able to saunter around in light clothing, sun hats and dark glasses and enjoy trips to the Lido and Burano. Sadly for me the lace museum was shut for refurbishment, but I managed to enjoy some pieces in the Museum of the 17th Century:Palazzo Rezzonico, where there were wonderful costumes and furnished rooms.

We had time to wander around coming across tranquil spots. Enjoying the cool shadow between the buildings. This time round we had our passes for the whole week giving us access to all the vaporettas, museums and churches we had time to visit. We had several 'cruises' along the Grand Canal, sometimes getting off to dive into labarynthes of passages searching for the best ice creams. We enjoyed a picnic lunch perched on stone steps of a church and listened to some lovely guitar music. After I set the tone by applauding after a piece, more people seemed to gather and join in the applause which hightened the atmosphere and seemed to egg the artist to perform virtuoso pieces. There was no bowl for coins, but a basket of cds and many were bought, including one by me, as a souvenir of our stay.

It was HOT, even at night, and there were no smells except the type one would expect around the lovely fish markets mid morning, but by mid afternoon, all was clean and shipshape. At lunch time even the pigeons were looking for shade to rest in.

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