Thursday, 2 October 2008

All things bright and beautiful

Its Harvest Festival time. A period to be thankful that despite the weather people all over do have things to be grateful for. Here is the glorious effect of light, my little bit of the theatrics reminding me of Coventry Cathedral. A friend from knitting group: Mandy and her Husband are on a stained glass course, and I am sure that they will come up with something lovely to adorn their abode. I had a moment of light through nasturtiums.

The produce of what Marie-Claire thought were courgettes and edible turned out to be a variety of gourds. They are a little on the large side, growing next to the pumpkin, perhaps they did not want to be outshone. These climbed and even went next door, where Dawn coaxed some on, and now the stash of gourds from my side have gone to join hers. I think she is going to make an arrangement with them for Harvest Festival.
The pumpkin grew on a plant which I bought from the Lion's Fair early this summer on the Abbey Fields in the centre of Kenilworth. No doubt this will be baked and coaxed in a number of delicious suppers.

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