Thursday, 2 October 2008

Kenilworth Market, more stalls

The weekly market on a Thursday also has a number of excellent stalls in addition to that of the Cotswold Pudding and Pie Co.

An excellent greengrocer, whose artistry adds to the visual pleasure is Stodds of Leicester. The produce is fresh and seasonal veg abounds. I like the way he uses savoy cabbage leaves to edge his display. Last week the display was fabulous and it inspired me to take my camera this week. However the display was not as its best as I did not get there till after 1 p.m. I often have a peep at the boxes to see where and how far they have travelled. After Venice I pined for figs, and having seen the miserly specimens in Sainsbury's was delighted to buy some a few weeks ago at the stall. Last week there were none, but it paid to have asked, as this week they had pride of place.

This is what I bought and as I cycled home I was already planning what I would have for lunch and dinner.

There is a nice flower stall and a couple of plant stalls. I'll have to think of a way of bringing back some trays of flowers to plant out for winter colour.

I am already eyeing up the olives for when my stash in the fridge is consumed. The stallholder, whom I have nick named Mr Gastromie has a fantastic array of olives, tomatoes etc preserved, as well as excellent bread and patisserie from a real french baker. I think the baker is baking and does not come to Kenwilworth, but I did catch a glimpse of him at the Saturday market in Warwick.


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    1. Thanks..just point and shoot with a small camera. I loved that market when I lived there. I ought to try taking similar ones of my local market in Wells.