Thursday, 2 October 2008

Cathedral Patchwork

How's that for a link! My previous post mentioned light and Coventry Cathedral and now the little project I've just started is based on Cathedral Patchwork.

The Kenilworth WI had an evening where an expert came and showed off and talked about her Cathedral Patchwork. I missed it, plain forgot about it, but had a strange sensation all evening that I ought to have been somewhere else. After that the WI craft group was inspired to try some out. Not a large piece, mind you but a project which would give us an idea of the techniques. I'm enjoying this craft thing: it gave me an aim when I visited the Knitting and Stitching Show recently at Birmingham. I found some lovely fabric with dragonflies, which I would try to frame within the calico backing. Here is the small sample completed. I worked on this in Hereford sitting a window with a lovely view of the Cathedral, and also during times when I just had to escape from the builders. We do a lot together on Tuesday afternoon, but I had to unpick this as I had folded my squares wrongly. It takes a lot of fabric but the backing is completely finished off neatly without any work. This sample is being made into a bag, and the other side will be quilted.....another first try for me at this craft. Now I am really making up for the fact that academic girls at the schools I went to never did needlework. Its really fun.

The very small scissors were also a little treat from the Show in Birmingham, and fit in my little sewing box which I also made at the group.

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