Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Carpeting complete

When Mr Stasher said he wanted to take all the carpets up, I knew he meant business. All boards which could move were screwed down, and everything was carefully cleaned: vacuumed and washed! The smell of Pongo was definitely dispatched. I spent two days on the banisters
with the brushing wax and much polishing.

What with a new under stairs cupboard door, lovely new paintwork and new carpet, I just keep padding around in my hand knit socks, and breath a huge sight of relief now the carpets are complete, and the doors are now trimmed so that they fit.

Mercia Carpets from Kenilworth supplied and fitted the carpets. We had the same throughout the house, including the conservatory. There was one piece for the living and dinning room, and although there is a wall and door between them, they used one piece so as to have no strip. This was David's idea to help the flow between the rooms. We had the carpets fitted on three days, with time in between for us to move furniture around.

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